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Up Hill Both Ways in the Snow

These kids don't know how easy they have it! If you've found yourself saying this or tempted to share your version of walking up the hill both ways to school in the snow to show your team how easy they have it, please continue reading.

Recently, I found myself sharing my up-the-hill both ways in the snow story. I was meeting with a small private practice owner when he shared his team's productivity expectations. When I heard they were expected to see 25% fewer patients per week than when I was treating, I couldn't wrap my head around why there wasn't a line of providers outside the practice waiting to be hired. I went on an internet deep dive: what motivates people to stay at a job, what causes them to leave, and how can we work together? What I came to realize is that there are generational differences that create opportunities and challenges within the workplace as well as shape the ways in which we work together. Below, I have outlined the four prominent generations in the workplace and the opportunities they can bring, what challenges they may face, and ways in which we can work together.

In reflecting on the experiences that led me to explore the intricacies of generational differences in the workplace, I've come to appreciate the importance of understanding and embracing the unique opportunities and challenges that each generation brings. It's easy to get caught up in the nostalgia of our own professional journeys and inadvertently overlook the evolving dynamics of today's workplace. Recognizing these differences is not about diminishing the value of one generation over another but rather about fostering an environment of collaboration and understanding. As we navigate the diverse landscape of the four prominent generations in the workplace, let us strive to bridge gaps, build connections, and create workplaces where the integration of experiences contributes to a more vibrant and innovative future.

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