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Hi, I am Holly!

Have you ever wondered how many blogs there are? My most recent Google says there are over half a billion, so let’s be honest, this blog may not be for you, and that’s okay! I am here to talk about my passions - wellness, business & leadership, and communication and if those don’t strike your fancy, let's not waste your time. I hope you can find a blog that speaks to you, and if you are interested in continuing to read - welcome!

My name is Holly Petersen, and I live south of Boston, Massachusetts, with my husband and two daughters. I have spent over a decade in healthcare at the clinical and corporate levels.

Like many of us, I had the great opportunity to reflect on where my values, passions, and focus lay over the past few years. I realized that although I had created an excellent career for myself, I was ready for a change.

During my career thus far, I have spent the majority of my time setting goals, coaching patients and colleagues, creating processes for supporting field staff, maximizing the patient experience, and learning how health and wellness are related yet different. In May of 2021, I resigned from my corporate job to start my own company, Petersen Coaching & Consulting, to intertwine my passions with my skills, creating a space where my love for wellness, fascination with leadership and business, and drive to be a better communicator all come together.

I am excited that you’ve decided to read along and who knows where this journey will take us! Please follow on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest for the latest updates!

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