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Got a Minute (or Sixty)?

Business planning often feels overwhelming, especially for a busy practice owner like yourself. However, what if I told you there's a way to craft a business plan in just an hour? The answer lies in a tool you're already familiar with – the initial evaluation.

An "Initial Evaluation Business Plan" - Assessing the Current State and Planning Ahead

Writing an initial evaluation for your practice can be a remarkably efficient method to evaluate its current state and strategize for the future. This approach offers a snapshot of your practice's present condition and provides a foundation for goal-setting and progress tracking throughout the year.

Then, by documenting "daily" notes, you can seamlessly capture the steps taken toward your goals. This not only streamlines the assessment and planning process but also makes it simpler to gauge your practice's progress monthly or quarterly through structured re-evaluations.

Prompts to Kickstart Your "Initial Evaluation Business Plan"

If the idea of creating an "Initial Evaluation Business Plan" resonates with you, here are some prompts to guide your journey:


  • How is your practice currently performing?

  • What outcomes do you envision for 2024?

  • What strategies have you employed?

  • What successes have you experienced?

  • What challenges have you faced?


  • Identify three measurable indicators to monitor progress.

  • Assess the current status of these three indicators.


  • Define long-term goals for September and December.

  • Outline short-term goals for March and June.

  • Plan the steps to achieve March's goals in January and February.


  • Understand the motivation behind your desired outcomes.

  • Evaluate the likelihood of achieving your goals.

  • Identify facilitating and hindering factors.

  • Consider involving other specialties to aid in goal accomplishment.


  • Develop a clear roadmap of steps to advance towards your goals.

In embracing this simplified approach to assessing and planning for your practice, you not only alleviate the overwhelming nature of the process but also lay the groundwork for a more intentional and prosperous year ahead. Cheers to your successful practice!

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