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I was connected with Holly through a recommendation from my employer's business coach during a particularly volatile period of change in our company. In the 6 months we worked together, Holly was able to help me identify key sticking points, both as a manager and as a direct report, and examine how to work through them. She is an incredibly good listener who approaches her work with calm, empathy and a sense of humour. I particularly appreciated her ability to synthesize and reflect my often jumbled thoughts back at me in a way that made sense - or gently point out ways that they didn’t!

While I would have happily extended our working contract, in the time we worked together she set me up to confidently go forward on my own in my new position at OwlCrate. If I ever feel the need to return to coaching, Holly will be my first call.


Founder and President
Currie Project Management

The experience in working with Holly was honestly one of the best things I could have done for my new company. Holly has an amazing way of helping guide you through thought-provoking questions to get you exactly where you need to be in the process.

Holly will always go the extra mile to make sure that her clients are getting the most out of her services. Holly dedicates time away from her clients to put in the extra effort by doing dedicated research she knows will help in the long run. Holly is always thinking about her clients' success even when she is not with them.

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Product Lead

I’d never tried group coaching before—it seemed like a big leap to explore these topics with a group of women that I didn’t know—but it’s been such an incredible way to learn about different perspectives and how other women like me are dealing with similar challenges. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective! Holly cultivates a psychologically safe and supportive environment, where everyone feels comfortable sharing and provides really thoughtful insight and encouragement. Highly recommend!


I am grateful to Holly because I grew exponentially from these weekly connection calls. And I believe my growth was a direct result of Holly’s masterful facilitation.

I was fascinated with the way Holly made group facilitation appear effortless. Each week our connection calls felt like we were taking a ride down a slow, easy river toward growth. I was fascinated by this because I have facilitated my fair share of meetings and I know that facilitating an effective and efficient meeting requires much effort.

Further, Holly is intelligent, kind, and genuine, all of which helped me feel comfortable to ask questions and to offer my thoughts to the group. Hence, my heightened growth.

If you ever find yourself in a group and Holly is the facilitator, know that you are in good hands.

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