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I played soccer for over fifteen years - often as the captain, winning multiple state championships, and playing at the collegiate level. 

I secured my first job before graduating with my doctorate.

I passed the boards on my first attempt. 

I earned a promotion to Manager just over two years after graduating.

I got married. 

I bought a house.

I had two kids.

I left clinical care to move into a corporate role I created. 

I earned a promotion to Director after less than a year. 

I was part of the leadership team. 

I grew my department from one to five.

I resigned. 


I am grateful for my past, as it allowed me to realize that I have spent most of my life 

    as a leader

    helping people 

    as a member of a team


My career has allowed me to transition from treating patients with goals of returning to their previous levels of functioning, to being a part of the leadership team for a company with the goal of being the largest provider in the region, to now working with leaders and teams with the goal of being exponentially more. 


We need to talk if you are ready to challenge conventional ways of thinking, shift your perspective, and push yourself outside your comfort zone. 

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