Welcome! I'm Dr. Holly Petersen, PT, DPT

I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Nazareth College in Rochester, New York - a Bachelors in Health Science with a Minor in Psychology in 2008 and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2010. For the first eight years of my healthcare career, I worked as a highly sought-after Physical Therapist in the outpatient orthopedic setting, seeing thousands of patient visits and earning a promotion to management within two years of graduating. I coached my clients through their rehabilitation journey by understanding their goals and creating an individualized treatment plan aligned with their desired outcomes. Throughout the course of my patients' care, there were consistent check-ins allowing for modifications and adaptations to their plan to ensure goal attainment and optimal outcomes.


After the birth of our first daughter in 2015, I changed practices to be closer to home. While at the new practice, I identified a gap in support for providers when navigating insurance guidelines and regulations. It was then that I proposed a new role to advise and counsel the corporate team on how to improve the practitioner and patient experiences. And in 2018, after the birth of our second daughter, I stepped into my newly created position. 

After less than a year, I earned a promotion to the director level, a role uniquely crafted for me based on the needs of the business. I was recognized for my effective leadership, influencing ability, resourcefulness, and ability to identify gaps within the company. As a valued member of the leadership team, I collaborated closely with executives on establishing and accomplishing quarterly and annual goals to help drive change and improve processes at the corporate and clinical levels. During my time in this role, I also grew the department from a team of one to five members in less than two years. 

It was inspiring to transition my coaching skills from the clinical to the corporate setting. I thrived in leading a team that spearheaded systemic change and drove processes that improved efficiency companywide. It was rewarding to lead a team that consistently delivered and exceeded their goals and outcomes. 

During my tenure, I was nominated two times for the Core Value Award, an annual award given to an employee who exemplified the company's core values. Highlighted in my nominations was my dedication to the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) an annual bike-a-thon to raise money for cancer research and my passion for health and wellness. 

It is my passion for wellness and my love of business that lead to my resignation from my corporate job and the birth of Petersen Coaching & Consulting. 

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two energetic daughters, reading, and remaining active through cycling and functional fitness. 


"Holly and I were both recently enrolled in a group program of elite coaches. Holly took the initiative to organize and facilitate weekly connection calls for those of us who wanted to dive deeper into the material we were learning as well as support one another. I am grateful to Holly because I grew exponentially from these weekly connection calls. And I believe my growth was a direct result of Holly’s masterful facilitation.

I was fascinated with the way Holly made group facilitation appear effortless. Each week our connection calls felt like we were taking a ride down a slow, easy river toward growth. I was fascinated by this because I have facilitated my fair share of meetings and I know that facilitating an effective and efficient meeting requires much effort.

Further, Holly is intelligent, kind, and genuine, all of which helped me feel comfortable to ask questions and to offer my thoughts to the group. Hence, my heightened growth.
If you ever find yourself in a group and Holly is the facilitator, know that you are in good hands."

Kelly - Fellow Coach and Health Care Provider

"I’d never tried group coaching before—it seemed like a big leap to explore these topics with a group of women that I didn’t know—but it’s been such an incredible way to learn about different perspectives and how other women like me are dealing with similar challenges. Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective! Holly cultivates a psychologically safe and supportive environment, where everyone feels comfortable sharing and provides really thoughtful insight and encouragement. Highly recommend!"

Molly - Women and Wellness Group Member

"Holly will always go the extra mile to make sure her clients are getting the most out of her services. She dedicates time away from her clients to put in the extra effort by doing dedicated research she knows will help them in the long run.Holly is always thinking about her clients' success, even when she's not with them."

Chris - Trusted Advisor Client

"A great investment for women wanting to learn about wellness from a holistic perspective and how it can improve your personal and professional life!

Lauren - Women and Wellness Group Member

"I highly recommend Holly’s Women and Wellness group sessions for any women looking to jumpstart or recharge their overall well-being. It has been such a positive addition to my self-care routine socially, emotionally, and physically! The weekly sessions have helped me recalibrate aspects of my wellness that needed some TLC, and the group discussions were beneficial to hear other’s experiences/strategies to meet personal goals. Holly skillfully guides, mediates, and supports her participants in a way that encourages self-reflection and personal growth. Do yourself a favor by enrolling in this course to intentionally put your health and wellness first, and let Holly help you meet your personal goals to be your best self…you’re more than worth it!"

Rachel - Women and Wellness Group Member