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Picture of Petersen Coaching's Owner Holly Petersen

Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Dentists

I help you run 
your practice so 

it doesn't run you.

  • Real solutions.

  • Great patient care.

  • The lifestyle you deserve.

You're a great clinician, but...

  • You need more patients

  • You struggle to control your finances

  • Managing staff is taking too much of your time

  • Keeping up with technology feels overwhelming

How I Help

Feel less alone in running your business

Increase Profitability 

Free up time for your personal life

From the first time meeting Holly, she innately understood our brand and its trajectory. She has a unique ability to ask poignant questions which make you think critically about your practices, identify gaps, and come up with actionable steps for improvement. I highly recommend working with Holly no matter what phase of business planning you are in (I only wish that we knew her from our inception).

Courtney James, PT, DPT


PT Prehab


  • Business processes and systems 

  • Referral source management

  • Staff attraction and retention

  • New patient acquisition

  • Private, confidential coaching

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